The goal of the brand is to create such models of underwear and swimwear that would combine visual aesthetics and fashionable style together with maximum comfort.For this purpose, the brand creates a variety of cuts and fits that would emphasise the beauty of each and every female body.Thanks to the brand's products, women are able to not only easily find a tasteful outfit but also feel comfortable throughout the day.

DORINA is also known for making their products using reliable and high-quality materials that have passed all required checks and are certified.In addition, in developing their two main collections, the brand uses a new technology extending the life span of clothes and implements European materials and accessories.The brand's catalogue presents a variety of models. There are items with high or low waist, with or without the push-up effect. The colours that the brand’s designers choose for their models are mostly basic, such as beige, blue, black, red, etc.

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