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Rosa Inter-Service GmbH & Co. KG

Our company launched in 1999. As our target markets, we selected countries of East Europe. The times in those regions were very difficult and unstable. High-quality imports were almost non-existent, and even when some brands managed to find their way to the market, ordinary people had no money to pay for them. This was the time when we came up with the idea to develop a supply network that would allow us to buy fashionable, branded, high-quality and, most importantly, affordable stock clothes from Europe without any middleman. The idea turned into a goal, and the goal turned into a mission.

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Our mission

We believe that everyone should be able to buy nice high-quality clothes, underwear, accessories, and not just once a year for a special occasion, but anytime you want to please yourself, your children or your loved ones, and such purchases should not cost a pretty penny. And we did it. While promoting our business, we have established partnership relations with wholesale and retail buyers, managed to develop in the previously-unknown-to-us field of trade and create new jobs. We still co-operate with most of our first buyers to this day. Buying women's, men's and children's clothing wholesale from the manufacturer has become an available and profitable business.

We are the first

We were really the first company to come up with the idea of selling goods by kilograms in small batches — so called "lots".

This system allowed small and medium-sized buyers to get acquainted with the product, to probe their local target market without intensive investments and make a decision on the purchase of large batches afterwards. Thus, buying branded clothing in bulk from the manufacturer for sale at local retail outlets has become expedient and comfortable. The years went by. Sometimes the number of brands we worked with increased but sometimes it decreased.

We had our ups and downs, standing side by side with our partners. But we never stopped to develop and improve our services.

Us today

We successfully work and are the exclusive distributors of stock collections of the following world famous brands of underwear for men and women and constantly increase the assortment matrix: Triumph, Sloggi, Dorina, Lise Charmel, Chantelle, Passionata, Prima Donna, Hunkemöller, Simone Perele and dozens of other European brands on every taste

. As well as such clothing brands: Tom Tailor, S. Oliver, Cinque, Camel Active, Etam, Calida, Zabaione, Hailys, etc.

The geography of deliveries is steadily expanding every day, as we guarantee a wide range and the lowest prices in the industry.

Facts about us : - Working since 1999 - Warehouse 7500 M2 - Office 250 M2 - Partners in more than 50 countries

Our mission statement

1. Every potential buyer is our customer
2. Every customer is important.There is no such wording as "large" or "small" customer
3. Every customer is our partner
4. Each transaction is a joint mutually beneficial project of both partners
5. Professional ethics are an integral part of the partnership

Each partner is given the opportunity to:

• get the product in the ready-for-use condition: in a package, with manufacturer's labels and without any defects, as our employees pre-sort all items manually before delivery;
• order lots consisting of different brands of men's, women's, teen and children's clothing, underwear, shoes and accessories;
• personally select desired products at the warehouse or in the showroom;
• order a minimum batch (subject to prior agreement);
• receive all-round support in the registration, customs clearance and delivery of cargo to the destination (as agreed);
• discuss any issues related to the transaction.

Advantages of working with us

              Many years of sound experience              
Wide range of items
Direct long-term contracts with a variety of manufacturers, thanks to which you will always have full ranges of original latest-season products in any size and colour
Own warehouse
Storage space of 17,800 sq. m., providing a great selection of seasonal collections
5,500,000 units of various goods are always in stock
Qualified personnel who speak German, English, French, Russian, Turkish and Romanian will carefully supervise your transactions from negotiations to the shipment to the customer
Minimum batch order option (subject to prior agreement)

Your personal manager

Will always answer your questions at a time convenient for you