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Zabaione = Femininity + Practicality

A combination of German restraint, French charm, and the name of Italian dessert

The company's development vector is clothing for girls and women. "Tasty" and stylish, it attracts customers of all ages. Current ideas of stylists are released on the market immediately. Fashion trends resonate in the hearts of millions of fans of this brand.

Main advantages of Zabaione brand:

  • affordable price;
  • wide choice of clothes, shoes and accessories;
  • lightweight natural materials;
  • size range from XS to XXL;
  • German quality.

Trends in fashion collections

How Zabaione brand sees the modern woman of today

Basic models are the basis for any image. The manufacturer pays special attention to this issue. And offers a large selection of pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, accessories. Each woman can assemble her own unique image. Thanks to a wide size range, it is not difficult to do. Basic models combine casual, sporty and feminine at the same time.

Color scheme. Not every clothing manufacturer can boast of such an elaborate color scheme. The choice was made in favor of calm, natural and very attractive shades and prints. Taking a bottom from one collection and a top from another, the combination remains perfect. This is undoubtedly the great advantage of Zabaione brand.

Outerwear. Jackets, coats, trench coats supplement basic articles, forming harmony and integrity of the image. Only innovative technologies are used in the production, so the outerwear is warm, light, pleasant to touch. Well-thought-out cutting provides a comfortable fit for any shape, not limiting the freedom of movement.

The shoes are comfortable and practical. The brand's stylists give preference to shoes with a low heel or without it. For summer, for example, the emphasis is made on the sneakers and ballet flats. Life is speeding up every day, and not to get stuck somewhere halfway, you need comfortable shoes. Its design and colors fully correspond to the models of clothing, complementing the image of the woman.

Accessories. Scarves, hats, belts and bags make Zabaione woman's image complete. Every detail is thought out, every little detail is in its place.

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